Therapy Sessions


We offer the following traditional ayurvedic massage:

  • - Full Body Relaxation
  • - Deep Tissue
  • - Head Massage
  • - Reflexolog
  • - kati Basti
  • - Kati Grival
  • - Thaba Potichi
  • - Thalapothiti
  • - Slimming Therapy
  • - Churna Swedana
  • - Shirodhara
  • - Varicose Vein

Our therapy sessions brings the growth and decay of our cells into equilibrium and harmony, creating optimum metabolic balance - excellent health. This is done by purifying and nurturing the organ of consciousness (the brain-mind), the organs of knowledge (the senses) and the organs of action (physical organs).

Before starting the therapy sessions, each individual is consulted by our doctor. Once the consultation is over, we proceed with the therapy sessions and it is customised as per individual needs.

Our sessions begin with nasya, administration of specially prepared medicated oils to the nose, considered the gateway to the brain and nervous system. This is followed by Anjana, eye therapy which uses various herbal- mineral drops to purify and nurture the eyes.

Herbal paste is applied onto the body, focussing on the important points, nerves and channels. The paste helps to remove impurities from the body and transport nourishment to the cells.

A herbal steam bath is further taken to clear impurities through the skin while allowing the oils to penetrate deeper and cause deeply entrenched internal toxins to loosen and collect in the alimentary canal (digestive tract) from which they are released.

Once the above process is over, a preparation of herbal extracts and oils is poured on your forehead, as you are guided in specific breathing techniques designed to stimulate the psycho-neuro-endocrine and immune systems. This often brings people to “peak experiences” while releasing deeply held emotions. As natural vital force increases your dormant energy is awakened becoming a powerful catalyst for transformation.